sausages, Cider and Music

Corn Exchange, Lewes

20th and 21st September 2019

OUR CIDERS and Beers

For starters, here are some Sussex suppliers we'll be using.

 All of the fruit South Downs use is sourced within a 10 mile radius of Wilmington.  Not only do we have our own orchards, but we also purchase from individuals and crofters in and around Wilmington. We also have brought back into production the abandoned former Merry Down Cider orchard in Horam.  South Downs Cider is truly a cider of the people of Sussex.


Medium Cider
A classic Easter counties style medium cider.  Still and cloudy, created from dessert apple varieties traditionally grown in Kent and Sussex.  A strong apple flvour with a hint of pineapple.
ABV 4.5%

Elderflower Cider
Elderflower essence is extracted with pure water from chalk aquifers from Elderflower blossom found in Sussex meadows and hedgerows. This essence is then added to the cider in just the right amount to provide a fresh fragrance and finish.

ABV 4.0%

Imperial Hopped Cider
A medium cider, cloudy and sparkling. This cider is combined with the fragrant but subtle taste of a top secret blend of American and Kentish hops.
ABV 4.0%


Seacider are based in Ditchling and is run by Mark Francis and Matt Billing.  Their ciders are of the Eastern County style (A blend of Culinary and Dessert Apples), made from locally sourced apples.  You are sure to have seen their distinctive 'skull' branding popping up in a growing number of pubs around sussex.


One of our most popular flavoured ciders. Made with real mango juice and blended with SeaCider Medium, this cider is refreshing and packed with juicy flavour.
ABV 4%

Made from locally grown fruit. Pressed to create a juicy burst with tons of refreshing flavour!
ABV 4%

A fruity flourish gives way to a dry backbone. Produced with slighly less Gala apple juice to produce a refreshing dryness & a higher ABV.
ABV 5.8%

A full bodied dry cider with complex and punchy apple aromas
ABV 7.3%


Norman Hunt & Sons are a family farming business who have been growing apples since the 1930s. Today we are still following our family traditions and values, growing cider apple varieties such as Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Coat Jersey, Kingston Black, Brown’s Apple, Ashton Bitter, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Chisel Jersey, Vilberie and Brown Snout, plus many other lesser known varieties. Our orchards benefit from ‘Ashdown Sand’ soils, located in the rolling hills of Sedlescombe.


Light and fruity real cider with a clean fresh finish and elegant bouquet to enhance your drinking pleasure
ABV 4.8


And from around the rest of the country, we bring you the following delights to sample during the day



Tutts Clump award winning cider has been made since 2006 using 100% juice from Real fruit.  Being sugar and gluten free it’s also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Cider making started as a hobby for founder Tim Wale and his family, with production of some 25 litres. By 2013 they were using around 90 tonnes of home counties grown apples and crafting some 60,000 litres of Proper Cider.


This dry Real Cider is handmade in West Berkshire from a variety of hand-picked Cider apples from an old private orchard in Oldbury-on-Severn South Gloucestershire. May be enjoyed on any occasion to accompany a meal or on its own. Made from 100% juice with no added water.
ABV 5.5%


We are a Devon cider maker with a long tradition and heritage, stretching back over 200 years.

We use the highest quality Devon cider apples, fermenting fresh bitter-sweet apple juice each autumn, and have maintained traditional methods whilst embracing modern machinery and processes.

All of this combines to allow our skilled craftsmen to make handcrafted, authentic Devon cider with a unique and refreshing taste for you to enjoy.

Hazy Dazy
This wonderfully sweet and cloudy cider will certainly be a hit at the festival.
ABV 4.5%


Although complete novices when they began in 2006, Mark and Sharon Venton have progressed from 25 gallons to over 6000 gallons a season, using apples from a once derelict 100 year old orchard.

In 2009 and 2010, they won the Devon County Show first prize in the Dry Farmhouse Cider class and in 2016, they won Gold and Silver at The British Cider Championships held at The Royal Bath & West Show, as well as Reserve Champion in the farmhouse cider class.  So this is good stuff!

Sweet Maid in Devon
A sweet, keeved dark, crystal clear made in the Normandy style.
ABV 6%


Award winning traditional cider from a rare Soil Association approved organic orchard with 3000 trees and 11 varieties Sweetened with apple juice using apple varieties with varying amounts of residual sweetness Fruit and flavoured ciders all made with real natural ingredients

Hunny Bubble
Medium sweet cider with real orchard hive honey
ABV 4%



Celtic Marches - Producers of authentic & quality Herefordshire cider on their farm in Bishops Frome. They are committed to producing artisan products with the care and compassion of a small local cider maker.

Thundering Molly
A well rounded medium cider. Fresh and fruity with a lovely apple aroma. Gorgeous golden colour and a balanced finish.
ABV 5.2%

Cracklin' Rosie Perry
Made from 100% pressed pear juice. This is a medium Perry and the taste is fine and delicate – it is light in colour with a very slight green hue.
ABV 4.5%


Based on a farm in South Somerset, Burrow Hill sits amongst 160 acres of cider apple orchards at the base of Burrow Hill, a famous Somerset landmark with a single sycamore on top that looks out across the Somerset Levels. The farm has been pressing cider for the past 150 years.

Burrow Hill Apple Cider
A gorgeous farmhouse cider that was champion at Bath & West in 2004
ABV 6%


Nempnetts Cider Company - All of their cider is handcrafted in the traditional way from 100% apple juice.  Branded as Piglet’s Choice as it is pressed and produced under the watchful eye of some farmyard friends!

Piglets Choice Medium
A medium, single variety cider mature in oak barrels.
ABV 7%


Old Jollop is made by hand and by friends, who came together to produce small batches of cider that is true to Somerset’s cider heritage, whilst delivering a refreshing drink that’s very different from the mass produced alternatives. 

In case you’re wondering about the name; Jollop is an old Somerset word for medicine. Local farmers, at the end of a long day in the fields would stop by the cider barn for a ‘drop of old jollop’ to help their aches and pains!

This medium cider has notes of bittersweet apples and oak.
ABV 5.5%


The Harris family have been producing cider at West Croft since 1916. regularly winning both local and National awards since 1995 for our Westcroft Dry, Janet's Jungle Juice and Sweet ciders.  All our fruit comes from our own orchards.

Although not certified as an organic farm no pesticides or chemicals are used in our orchards or cider production.

Janet's Jungle Juice
A medium dry golden cider that has been a Camra champion 3 times over!
ABV  6%


We're a proudly independent, award-winning cider & perry maker.

At Hogan's we're on a bit of a mission not just to tell the world about the provenance and quality of our cider, but entice everyone with the deliciousness of properly made cider and perry.

There's a few misconceptions around cider that means it sometimes isn't held in the same regard as that other drink.  We want to awaken your senses and offer a new world to explore...

Harvest Press
A distinctively fresh bittersweet, still, cloudy cider. Appley aroma with peaty undertones, this medium dry cider is just challenging enough to be easy drinking. A real taste of the orchard for those ready to embrace proper cider.
ABV 5.3%

Welsh Cider

Gwynt Y Ddraig - The world-renowned award winning Welsh cider and perry producder - tradtionally made on the farm in South Wales

Two Trees Perry
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate.  Crowned 2015 Champion Perry of Britain
ABV 4.5%

Here at Blaengawney Farm we have taken the old traditional methods of cider making from fresh cider apples and applied a new philosophy to our production, stealing a few techniques from wine makers along the way.

You are just as likely to find ciders ageing in ancient oak barrels in our mill, alongside large wine fermenters made from stainless steel.

Our most popular cider, a blend of three classic cider apples with a citrus back-note.
ABV 6%




Cider without compromise from old orchards pressed on an original Beare press and mill and run using the original water pump.

medium dry, soft and zingy cider, refreshing on a warm day
ABV 6.2%


We have superior expertise, passion and knowledge of the appley stuff.

We’re slick, straightforward & very personable.

Pulp is a carefully crafted, quality product. first Was rhubarb and then damson, followed by our amazing beet and orange! You can taste the difference!

Beetroot and Orange
A vibrant beet red cider created by melding the earthiness of beetroot  with the subtle sweetness of oranges to create a delicious autumnal cider. If you like Beetroot this will appeal to you.
ABV 4%


Nestled in the Holme Valley lies The Pure North Cider Press. Producing the finest natural cider from a blend of traditional cider apples. Fermented naturally and full of anti-oxidants, our ciders are lovingly nurtured, pressed by hand and delivered with care.  Our apples are picked and processed on site.

A clean sharp medium/dry cider made using a blend of 4 cider apple varieties. Voted the best cider of Yorkshire 2012 by CAMRA
ABV 6.5% 

Sweet Union
A delicious medium/sweet cloudy cider with a full apple flavour. Made using cider fruit from Yorkshire and eating apples from Lancashire, a sweet union of two great counties!
ABV 5.5%


We will also be stocking a range of real ales and craft beers & lagers

Harveys - Harvey’s Brewery is a family business, with a member of the eighth generation currently working here.  Their prize winning traditional ales are sold throughout the South East

Harveys Best Bitter
Harvey’s Brewery Sussex Best Bitter is a superbly balanced bitter with a prominent hop character. It is their most famous and popular beer and makes up over 90% of their total brewing capacity.
ABV 4%

Holler Brewery (Uckfield) - A local brewery who started their journey in 2016 with the purpose of spreading the word that great beer is for everyone, by creating joyful beer and beery events that help foster a community of hop lovers.

We welcome people with open arms into the world of ales and stouts, IPAs and lagers, saisons and the bestest of bitters, to move their drinking habits away from mass produced beer, to local brews made with love, creativity and zero ego.

By far the friendliest beer we make. This one came out of the FV with hugs for everyone. It has a hop recipe that could save a Ronaldo penalty -  the massive dry hop charge of Citra, Simcoe, Eukentot and Mosaic  - along with the New England yeast that makes this fruity number do exactly what you want it to do in your mouth.  Loot is very hazy, actually more murk than haze. This is from the yeast that is still floating around in the beer giving you that peachiness and wonderful mouthfeel.
ABV 5.5%

Rothaus - The Rothaus brewery is located in the Black forest near to Waldshut, the twin town of Lewes.  Established in 1791 (a year after Harveys), Rothaus produce a range of fine beers to the German Reinheitsgebot laws.

Rothaus Pils
Rothaus Pils is fermented from bottom-fermenting yeast that’s been developed in house, before maturing for roughly four weeks. During this period, its robust and elegant flavors and its high Rezenz are cultivated. Rezenz is the term for the refreshing feeling produced by the carbon dioxide in beer.
ABV 5.1%

The Dinkelacker brewery is based in Stuttgard Germany and has been brewing quality beers since 1888. In brewing their beers, they use only the best ingredients and recipes that have been passed down for generations.

CD Pils
The beer's tart, fresh scent and its floral hop bitterness are provided by the finest Tettnanger hops. The selected malts and our fresh brewing water give Dinkelacker CD Pils its unique characteristics.
ABV 4.9%

Das Landbier
This rustic country beer is brewed according to a special recipe. The pungent and spicy taste owes it to selected ingredients and the skills of our master brewers.
ABV 4.7%





Gypsy Jukebox are our headline act this year.  They blur the distinction between a multitude of styles including reggae, dub, folk, rock, pop, blues, swing, jazz, gypsy and punk.

And they call it Gypsy Groove!  Hop on the wagon and bounce!!

Winners of 'Best New Band' at Salisbury Music Awards 2015 and 'Best Live Act' and 'Best Band' at Salisbury Music Awards 2016.

Listen to a couple of their tracks below or watch them on YouTube




Sam Walker falls through dreamscapes, imagined lands and different realities. Stumbling into rolling, dance floor rocking grooves and heart breaking soaring melodies along the way. His songs are full of new stories, tender twists and anthemic melody. His live shows are gaining a reputation for boundless energy, stunning visuals and much multi-instrumentalism.

Brighton based Sam Walker has been on the road throughout the world performing solo in a multi-instrumental set up. He has played to thousands of people, performing to audiences large and small in theatres, houses, gardens, streets, festivals and all the spaces in between - from Glastonbury to Buenos Aires, Montreal to Melbourne.


The Contenders are one of Lewes’ best known bands and are a popular addition to many local venues throughout the town.  Their 4 man line-up consists of Mick Hawksworth on the Drums, John Collins on Bass Guitar, Peter Messer on slide guitar, harmonica & vocals and Steve Williams on guitar and vocals. 

A raucous mix of renowned blues numbers and tunes of their own, this group would liven up any party.  In their own words, they play ‘music to drink to’ and are a perfect addition to our event.

The Contenders on Facebook


We're Conspirators!

We wear black & white stripes and we'll play eclectic beer drinking pirate yarns until we're dead and buried.  There are six of us and we bring thrill-billy anthems to raise a glass to.  Dance your ass off and leave worries of the world behind.

Pirate drinking music at it's best!

Find out more here...

OK, not a band but still something fun for the afternoon!

In March 2014 Commercial Square Bonfire Society formed a Morris dancing side to perform at the February Faschnacht festival in Waldshut.  The event was a success and many of the dancers decided to continue and formed what is now ‘The Blackpowder Morris’ side.  What was originally a one-off event created a true Morris side made up of people from all walks of life.

Blackpowder Morris now perform at numerous events and venues, most local but with some further afield such as the recent Devizes day of dance.  They very much enjoy their own version of Morris dancing and have a great time performing, writing dances, drinking ale, laughing, and working at the merry business of “Morris”.

Somethng to Eat

Sausage and mash!  Is there anything better to compliment the fantastic cider you'll be drinking at the Festival?

Choose from a selection of great sausages made by local butchers.  Add a roll or a dollop of mashed potato and you're set.

Our suppliers

Richards butchers were established on the 1st January 1934 by Francis (Frank) Henry Richards, Their reputable family business has served customers for over 80 years and is run by Frank's grandson, Peter.

Situated in the historic county town of Lewes, their reputation has been built upon supplying fresh, high quality meat sourced from good and where possible, local suppliers.

Established in Ringmer, for over 40 years, Lew Howard is a great traditional family butchers where expertise has been passed down from generation to generation, by Lew's father and grandfather, and now carrying on the family tradition to his son Darren.

Lew always try to source the best local meat produce including organic beef and lamb, as well as local free range pork & poultry.  This ensures our customers have the freshest and best quality meats as possible.

Lew also makes a range of wonderful vegetarian sausages, some of which we will be selling at the festival.

Get Me in


Tickets for the 2018 event are no longer available online. Entrance can be purchased on the door on the day of the event from 4pm, or there may be a small number of tickets available at one of the following outlets.


The Black Horse


The Elephant & Castle



Harveys Brewery


Tickets will also be available on the door on the day of the festival and will cost £10.

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The 2018 Sausage n' Cider festival is being held in the Corn Exchange Lewes on Saturday 15th September.

The Corn Exchange is part of the Lewes Town Hall complex and was built in the 1840's as a trading point for local farmers.  It is centrally located in Lewes and can be reached easily by rail, bus or car.





There is no parking at the event but there is plenty of parking in nearby council run car parks.  Information on parking in and around the area can be found on Lewes District Councils website.


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